UMC Conducts First of Its Kind Vascular Surgery In El Paso

UMC Conducts First of Its Kind Vascular Surgery In El Paso August 7, 2023
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EL PASO, Texas – It was another first at University Medical Center of El Paso this week as surgeons performed El Paso’s first Thoracic Branch Endoprosthesis surgery, a procedure to repair damage to the largest artery in the chest.
Dr. Gilbert Aidinian, Division Chief of Vascular and Endovascular surgery at UMC, and Dr. Alireza Daneshpajouh, Director of Vascular Clinic Services at UMC, conducted the new procedure using the FDA approved GORE TAG Thoracic Stent Graft.

“This is another example of the higher level of care that patients rely on at UMC,” said Jacob Cintron, President & CEO, El Paso County Hospital District. “Vascular surgery excellence is exactly what we were striving for with the introduction of our Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Clinic. Dr. Aidinian is yet again bringing new firsts to our region, along with better health outcomes for patients.”

UMC is proud to offer this minimally invasive surgery, which can be used to repair lesions of the descending thoracic aorta. The types of damage that can be repaired with this procedure include aneurysm, transection and dissection.

“This newer procedure is not available anywhere else in El Paso, except for UMC where Dr. Daneshpajouh and I, who are Board-Certified Vascular doctors, are trained to do these types of procedures,” said Dr. Aidinian.

The GORE TAG Thoracic Branch Endoprosthesis is implanted in the descending thoracic aorta and into a blood vessel that branches off the aorta toward the head to allow blood to keep flowing past the aorta’s damaged or diseased parts.

Dr. Daneshpajouh explained, “Before this surgery, patients would have to get a surgical bypass, which consisted of a big incision on the neck, longer, more painful recovery and a higher chance of nerve injury.” The new minimally invasive surgery lasts about an hour, according to Dr. Daneshpajouh.

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