Nurse Family PartnershipNurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is a free evidence-based community health program that helps transform the lives of vulnerable mothers who are pregnant with their first baby. NFP is a structured, nurse home-visiting program that has been proven to help prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes, low birth weight, poor school performance, and delinquency in children while improving the health and social outcomes for young women. The visits begin during pregnancy and continue until your child turns two. Results show significantly improved prenatal health, fewer subsequent pregnancies, increased maternal employment, decreased childhood injuries, neglect and abuse, and improvement in the child’s school readiness.

Eligible participants are women who are:
  • less than 29 weeks pregnant
  • a mom-to-be for the first time
  • receive benefits from public assistance programs such as Medicaid, TANF, WIC, and/or SNAP
  • living in El Paso County

Contact us to discuss becoming a part of our free program. Although our work targets young mothers, there are no restrictions on age.


Contact Information

(915) 521-7162