Government Relations

In the dynamic health care landscape, the Government Relations (GR) team works to support public policy priorities important to UMC El Paso (UMC), El Paso Children's Hospital (EPCH), and El Paso Health. The team works closely with lawmakers, leaders, agencies and associations at the local, state, and federal levels to promote health care policies that align with our mission to heal and serve El Paso County residents.  They also serve as a conduit for UMC, EPCH, and El Paso Health staff to communicate with state and federal legislative officials.

Legislative Priorities

At the state level, our government relations team advocates for policies that improve the health and welfare of our patients, staff, and all El Paso County residents.  
Click here to view the District's Legislative Agenda for the 88th Texas Legislative Session.

Contact Us

Ruben John Vogt, MS
Director of Government Relations
(915) 544-1200 ext. 81002

Elisa Hernández, MPH
Senior Advisor of Government Relations

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