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Final RHP Plan Submission (May 2015)

Region 15 is pleased to present an overview of the updated Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Plan for the Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program 1115 Wavier. This updated plan provides project narratives and workbooks in their final form following change requests and technical corrections made during the approval process with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The updated plan contains several components, all of which are available on both the Region 15 and Texas Health and Human Services websites.

Entering into the fourth year of the five year waiver, performing providers continue their collaborative efforts with fellow partners and key stakeholders to implement projects within the greater El Paso community that reform the healthcare delivery system. Successes to date are being seen due to project metrics that were developed to address issues identified by the community needs assessment. The top five areas of concern were listed as follows: (1) addressing shortages in primary care physicians and mid-level professionals, (2) addressing shortages in specialty and secondary care professionals, (3) addressing high incidences of diabetes related health problems, (4) addressing higher than average rates of obesity, and (5) addressing our region’s severe shortage of behavioral and mental healthcare services. During the development and early implementation of projects, region 15 participants are embracing the opportunity to provide improved access to care by means of this 1115 waiver program.

As anchor of the regional partnership, University Medical Center of El Paso is joined in these transformational efforts by the following partners: City of El Paso’s Department of Health, the El Paso Children’s Hospital, Emergence Health Network (EHN), Las Palmas Medical Center, Providence Memorial Hospital, Sierra Providence East Medical Center, Texas Tech University Health Science Center (TTUHSC), and the El Paso County Medical Society.

To date, providers have been highly successful in timely implementing and reporting achievements of project milestones and goals. Additionally, seven new projects were added to the original plan and approved by CMS during demonstration year three. Consequently, region 15 now implements a total of sixty (60) category one and two projects representing an allocated value of greater than five hundred million dollars over the five year term of the waiver.

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