UMC Announces Website Overhaul; First in 17 Years

UMC Announces Website Overhaul; First in 17 Years July 31, 2017
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For the first time since the turn of the century, the University Medical Center of El Paso's website,,  has been revamped and reintroduced to El Paso. 

“Our website is typically the first thing people see when they find us online,” said Jacob Cintron, President & CEO. “Before doing anything to our prior website, we benchmarked the online presence of major hospitals throughout the nation. We looked at functionality and ease of use for patients, members of the general public, media and others in our community. Our website is the online, public face for our hospital – and we want our community to see and learn about what we offer, that medical care is accessible to all; that their care at UMC is high quality.”  

UMC’s website was last constructed and introduced in 2000. “We have come a very long way since that time,” added Mr. Cintron. “I think our website now reflects that.”  

The majority of the visitors to UMC’s website visit the site with their mobile devices, according to UMC’s Public Affairs office. UMC’s former website was not “mobile friendly,” however the new site is designed to ease the online experience for both mobile device visitors as well as anyone visiting through desktop computers or laptops. 

After reviewing proposals from companies throughout the nation and here in El Paso, UMC’s Public Affairs Office teamed with Stanton Street, an El Paso website design and development company, to develop the new website.  

“This is another instance when the best team for the job was found right here in El Paso,” said Mr. Cintron. “They had the best to offer UMC and our community – and that kept the resources used for this new website right here, with El Pasoans -- for El Pasoans and others online around the globe.”