Shooting Victims Arrive at UMC, EPCH

Shooting Victims Arrive at UMC, EPCH August 3, 2019
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EL PASO, Texas – University Medical Center of El Paso has received 13 patients related to today’s mass casualty shooting in El Paso. Two children have arrived and were transported to El Paso Children’s Hospital. Patients are currently being treated by surgeons and specialists at UMC, joined by physicians and staff from Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso and El Paso Children’s Hospital.

"We do not have a status of all patients to report at this time. Families of victims are arriving at UMC and are being assisted by UMC staff and counselors. “This is a terrible tragedy and we are doing everything possible to treat and care for the victims and assist their families,” said Jacob Cintron, UMC President & CEO. “Our hearts go out to all the victims of this terrible incident and we will continue to provide the best possible care in hopes of a quick recovery for all.”

“We have the very best surgeons and specialists for treating children in our region,” said Cindy Stout, EPCH President & CEO. “The children that have been brought to us have been stabilized and are receiving the best care possible.”

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego has arrived at UMC and is comforting families and providing support. “We have the very best medical care in our region supporting the victims of this terrible day.”