UMC's Primary Care Clinics follow the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Care Delivery model. This Care model coordinates patient care via a primary care physician to ensure the patient receives care when and where needed.

A Primary Care, or Patient Centered  Medical Home is a team approach to providing complete healthcare. The team may include: physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical ssistants, dietitians, clinical pharmacists, family, friends and the patient!

In a medical home, health care is always patient-centered. This means improving the patient's health and promoting the patient's wellness is always the focus of the PCMH team.

A PCMH Team can:

  • Help manage healthcare
  • Help answer health questions
  • Listen to concerns
  • Help find and work with other medical experts or specialists when necessary
  • Coordinate additional services including pharmacy, laboratory, rehabilitation, and diagnostic imaging
  • Guide the patient on how to be more actively involved in healthcare

The Role of the PCMH Team:

In a medical home, the patient's team will work together on what is most important.

A PCMH Team will:

  • Answer questions to help understand healthcare needs
  • Address health concerns and guide in the best way
  • Coordinate help from medical specialists to support along the way
  • Supervise and manage chronic or high risk conditions, such as diabetes or anticoagulation.
  • Work to create a comprehensive Plan of Care to improve the quality of healthcare
  • Personalization for healthcare needs and concerns
  • Coordinated with the primary care provider, to connect other providers like specialists, pharmacy, and outpatient services
  • A connection to the healthcare team’s contact information and treatment history

The Patient's Role as a part of the PCMH Team:

The patient and his or her healthcare are at the center of the medical home. It is important for the patient to play an active role in the personalized Plan of Care. The patient needs to know and understand thePlan of Care. Healthcare goals need to be made that can be reached. The patient should update the team and add new goals when results are met.

For a Plan of Care to be successful, be sure to:

  • Share the medical history with the team
  • Provide a current list of all medications being taken, including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies
  • Voice questions and concerns
  • Make sure the team knows the names of any other healthcare professionals seen
  • Actively participate in self-management goals and activities
  • Provide the team with feedback
  • Discuss if the plan is working, or if the patient is having trouble following the plan
  • Actively participate with the medical home team to improve health. The patient is the focus of thehealthcare team. The patient gets to choose the provider, which allows the patient to  select the best team.

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