Open Access Referral Program

UMC aims to improve access to the state-of-the-art technology, advanced care and the skilled team at the Center. Please note that registration is located at the main entrance of the hospital and is no longer available in the unit.

Convenient Access

Referring physicians can schedule endoscopic procedures for medically stable patients without a need for a prior consultation.

Prompt Follow-up

After a patient is seen at the Center, the reports and procedure results will be sent to the referring physician along with the team's recommendations.


Patients referred to the Center under the Open Access Referral Program continue their care under their referring physician. The Center's team is available to the referring physician for consultation before and after the patients is seen at the center.


Please follow this process to refer a patient.

1. Fax referral form to (915) 521-2209. Include patient's H&P, medication list, any labs and diagnostic results.
2. Call (915) 521-7301 to confirm fax and SCHEDULE patient