One of UMC's main goals is the management and control of diabetes in order to prevent its difficult complications. A patient, newly diagnosed, as well as any patient with diabetes, are provided with tools of education and support to cope and learn about this disease and control it. 

Sessions are conducted by certified diabetes educators and a multidisciplinary team specializing in diabetes. An interview is conducted with each participant prior to the sessions in order to personalize the instruction.

Services Provided

  • Meal planning
  • Exercise education
  • Medication management – Insulin and oral agents
  • Blood glucose monitoring instruction
  • Education on prevention and treatment of potential complications
  • Stress management techniques
  • Sick day management instruction
  • Foot exams
  • Information on quitting tobacco use
  • Insulin pump training

English & Spanish Sessions

There are four sessions of three hours over a period of two weeks which cover a specific lesson or lessons. Sessions will be conducted in English and in Spanish on alternating schedules. This will be the order of the sessions:

First Day

  • Explanation of Diabetes, Symptoms and its Complications. 
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
  • Change in Behavior

Second Day 

  • Medications
  • Meal Planning

Third Day

  • Stress Management
  • Exercise
  • Sick Day Care

Fourth Day

  • Foot Exams
  • Dental Care
  • Quitting Tobacco Use 
  • Additional Questions


To Schedule

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