The Ambulatory Surgery Unit at University Medical Center of El Paso was developed for minor procedures and surgeries that do not require admission to the hospital. But because of our experience and resources as a university-based medical center and the region’s Level 1 Trauma Center, we do much more. Area physicians often send their most complex cases and high-risk patients to us.

Another important advantage of our ASU is that we are the only surgical facility in town with anesthesiologists and surgeons on-duty and in the hospital around-the-clock.

If a patient's condition unexpectedly requires a more intensive procedure, we pride ourselves on knowing that issues can be dealt with promptly at University Medical Center of El Paso. Other hospitals and free-standing surgical clinics often lose time waiting for an anesthesiologist to arrive, preparing an operating room for complex surgery, or transporting patients to an emergency room.

  • Four cutting-edge operating suites
  • Two Endoscopy suites
  • One Bronchoscopy suite
  • Separate pediatric area
  • Specialized equipment for complex surgeries
  • Board-certified specialists
  • 24/7 medical team on-duty, including surgeons and anesthesiologists

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