Special Care Nurseries

University Medical Center of El Paso and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center work together caring for our newborns in the Neonatal Unit at University Medical Center of El Paso. The unit includes the Newborn Nursery, the Intermediate Care Nursery, the Intensive Care Nursery and the Continuing Care Nursery. The Newborn Nursery is designated for infants with short hospital stays, while the Intermediate Care and Intensive Care Nurseries are for infants with special needs who may be critically ill. The Continuing Care Nursery is where infants are transitioned from the hospital to their homes.

In 2010, 4,128 babies were delivered at University Medical Center of El Paso, making it one of the busiest birthing centers in the nation. We are especially proud of our neonatal morbidity rates as well as our neonatal mortality rate for 2010, which averaged 0.5 per every thousand live births, one of the lowest mortality rates in the region. These low rates are the result of tireless working hours from our staff, residents, and physicians who make it their primary goal to ensure that all of our babies are taken care of in the most effective and caring manner possible.

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