Crime Victim Services at the University Medical Center of El Paso provides education, emotional support, and resources for patients and their families who have become victims of a violent crime.

Were you a victim of a violent crime?
  • Assaulted
  • Sexually assaulted
  • Victim of family violence
  • Involved in a motor vehicle-related crime
  • Homicide (Family Member)

El Paso Children’s Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse

The El Paso Children’s Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse provides medical services, emotional support, education, and resources for psychosocial and medical needs of children who have become victims of child abuse and their families. To reach El Paso Children's Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, call (915) 242-8560.

Services include forensic medical exams for chronically abused children, follow-up medical exams for child victims of acute sexual and physical abuse, short-term counseling, applications for crime victim compensation, testing for STDs, referrals for long-term counseling and other medical services. The Clinic staff also provides educational training on how to recognize and report child abuse and how to apply for crime victim services. El Paso Children’s Center for the prevention of Child Abuse is a cooperative effort between El Paso Children’s Hospital, University Medical Center of El Paso, UMC Foundation and TTHSC Paul L. Foster School of Medicine funded through a MEDCARES grant.

Helpful Numbers

Counseling and Support Services

  • Center Against Family Violence 593-1000
  • Child Crisis Center 562-7955
  • Children’s Grief Center 532-6004
  • Drug Counseling - OSAR 521-7818
  • El Paso Child Guidance Center 562-1999
  • Compassionate Friends 542-0908
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) 779-1987
  • Safe House of New Mexico 1-800-773-3545
  • Sexual Assault Services 593-7300

Financial Services

  • Cardon (UMC) - Medicaid 521-7760
  • DARS - Employment for Disabled 1-800-628-5115
  • Food Stamps/TANF 595-6711
  • General Assistance - Utilities 546-8150
  • Patient Financial Services - UMC 521-7900
  • Project Bravo - Rent/Utilities 562-4100

Immigration and Legal Services

  • Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services 532-3975
  • El Paso County Atty.-Protective Orders 546-2153
  • Texas Civil Rights Project - VAWA 532-3799
  • Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid 585-5100

Law Enforcement – Victim Services

  • Doña Ana District Atty’s Office 575-647-8553
  • Department of Public Safety 849-4064
  • El Paso District Attorney’s Office 546-2091
  • El Paso County Sheriff’s Office 538-2242 or 528-2237
  • El Paso Police Department 577-5026 or 577-5222
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 832-5429
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) 231-3437
  • Military Police 568-1236, Reports 568-198

Contact Information

(915) 521-7732

Fax: (915) 521-7003